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We work hard for YOU. We strive to prepare a product of unquestionable quality. We put forth our very best effort and go 

the extra mile to be sure that you will receive the very best product that it can be. We price that product accordingly, 

each year our fees will be adjusted accordingly with the rate of inflation and the forms used to prepare the return. Return Fees will be

adjusted yearly and some returns will actually have a lower fee than the prior year!


In God We Still Trust

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Griffin Bookkeeping & Tax Services began in 1985 and was operated as an "in home Business".

Once it grew to over flowing it was moved down to Park Avenue in 1998. It was incorporated in September 2003.

After the hurricanes destroyed the office on Park Avenue, in 2004, the new office was set up on Orange Avenue. 

Two years later, we moved to 934 St Rd. 60 East where we rented office space.

After several years there we decided to buy our own place and and found our new permanent location just 

across the street!

Sue has an Associate Degree in Small Business management and seven years experience with H&R Block as well as four years of 

accounting credits and retail experience in the grocery industry and for 30 years she has been operating GBTS.


Sue's son, Chris operates Specialized Mobile Home Services, Inc. and is a licensed Mobile Home Installer.

He has two daughters, one son, and six grandchildren. His daughter Jessica works with us here, now on her 6th year.

Sue's daughter, Rhonda and husband Vince operate V&R Sales & Service located within GBTS. They have two sons. Rhonda does

our major accounting work.

"Remember Vince when you need an expert 


Rhonda Griffin Talmadge, is joining us for the eleventh year. We appreciate her participation this year. She is accepting small 

business accounts for monthly accounting service at this time.

Jessica Martinez is beginning her sixth year as an associate tax preparer of our firm. She is well versed with the tax laws and 

can assist you with your questions. We are very proud to have her as an associate in our firm. She also has an opening for monthly 

accounting service.

Griffin Bookkeeping & Tax Service, Inc.,


Since 1985

Welcomes YOU to our Organization! We are continuously striving to 

serve you better.