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Tax Planning
Payment Due Date
April 19th
June 21st
Sept 20th
Jan 18th





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For the Self Employed

Your Taxes are Based on NET PROFIT

Drop your Tax worries with us! We can help you plan for the Inevitable !

Bring Your Bookkeeping troubles and tax problems to us

Have Peace of Mind that it will be taken care of !

A few minutes of careful planning can be an Effective tool to cut out the headache and worry at Income Tax Time !

You can eliminate the hassle of trying to find the funds to pay the IRS on April 19th, by making estimated payments on a quarterly basis, It is really a way to "Pay as You Go" plan, while avoiding penalties and interest on the amount owed.


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Due Dates
1st Payment
April 19th
2nd Payment
June 21st
3rd Payment
Sep. 20th
4th Payment
Jan. 18th


HOW to Figure the Income Tax you will owe April 19th, 2019

  1. Multiply the NET PROFIT times 92.35% or (.9235), then
  2. Multiply that figure times 1.53% or (.153). This is the (S.E. Tax) or Self Employment Tax you owe.,
  3. Now Use the NET PROFIT figure & the Standard Deduction.
  4. Subtract the Standard Deduction and The Personal Exemption for your Status.
  5. Multiply that Figure times 10% or (.10). This is the Income Tax that you owe on your Taxable Income.
  6. Add the S.E. Tax and the Income Tax Together. This is the Total Tax that you should pay in four Installments. See dates on Income Tax Planning page.


Use our Tax Caculator below, Input your Earnings & Exemptions to Estimate you TAX

Tax Calculator

Mail Your Quarterly Payments to:

Internal Revenue Service Center
PO Box 105093
Atlanta, GA. 30348-50093

Make Checks Payable to:

"United States Treasury"

Include Primary's Social Security number and " 1040ES on the check, along with the tax year being paid.

Call "Sue" for more info: 863-676-6458

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